Mumbai Mills creates and sources lifestyle products from local manufactures in a sustainable way. The idea is to create a brand that sources locally and uses material and products from cottage industries.

Mumbai Mills gave me the chance to be an independent entrepreneur.

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About Mumbai Diary

In 2014 Mumbai Mills, along with Sweet Notes, conceptualised the Mumbai Diary, an annual agenda bequeathed to the city of Mumbai. Mumbai Diary 2014 is a tribute to every small business that runs on the streets of the city, and keeps the city running. It catalogues photos of chai-sellers, masseuses, and fruit vendor, all integral to the micro-economy of the city. Mumbai Diary 2015 is a celebration of the quirky, yet entirely functional signage on the streets of the mega city. And the recently launched Mumbai Diary 2016 tells the story of our city through the development of the homes of its residents. Chawls, slums, sky villas, and houseboats are all key to the evolution of our city!

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We always try and maintain our unique style through all our collections. Please browse through our works over the past 3 years.